The Company charters out the vessels for clients on a range of terms, including short-term time charter, medium-term time charter and long-term time charter basis, as well as spot charter and the Contract of Affreightment (COA)

The company acts as the general agent for foreign vessels in compliance with the prevailing regulations in Indonesia to manage permits and port facilities arrangement, as well as the provision of supplies such as fuels, fresh water, spare-parts, repair services and others.

Through its in-house structured training program based on safety and environmental excellence, the subsidiary defines standards, provides competent ship management services and formulates strategies to improve the overall safety performance of the fleet.

PT Karya Bakti Adil was developed as its main activity the provision of crewing for all operational activities of shipping companies within the country and globally.

Period Ended 31 December 2016

USD 51.2 Million


USD 29.3 Million

Net Income

USD 485.4 Thousand