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About Us

PT Buana Lintas Lautan Tbk (BULL) is a well-known oil and gas tanker company in Indonesia that was established on 12 May 2005 to meet the need for world-class domestic oil and gas transportation services.



  • Be responsible and committed to carrying out all the tasks assigned and complying with all of the Company’s regulations;
  • Be committed to carrying out tasks by ensuring the work is completed thoroughly and accurately;
  • Complete the task in a timely manner;
  • Be punctual at work and all the meetings; and
  • Keep promises (by giving more than promised, not less).
  • Always prioritize the interests of the team (or group interests) rather than personal interests (prioritize “we” rather than “I”);
  • Consistently support colleagues, superiors and subordinates;
  • Respect and transform differences (both opinions and behavior) into synergies;
  • Build cooperation and coordination across departments or divisions; and
  • Be open and friendly when communicating with others.

Cost Awareness

  • Utilize office tools, facilities and equipment wisely (not wasting resources);
  • Optimize the Company’s asset resources/capacity and reduce excess capacity to the lowest point;
  • Always work within the budget and reduce expenditures when possible;
  • Manage personal and others’ time efficiently; and
  • Be aware of the company’s expenditures by reducing, recycling and reusing.

Quality Services

  • Smiling and paying attention to personal appearance;
  • Be polite, cheerful, and stay positive when dealing with others;
  • Be committed to provide high-quality products and services;
  • Respond to all requests (both internal and external consumers) in a timely manner; and
  • Reduce consumer complaints (both internally and externally).

Willingness to Learn

  • Having the initiative to learn from others (being proactive in listening);
  • Initiative to improve self-quality;
  • Initiative in sharing knowledge and learning with others;
  • Taking the time to learn from work or assignment; and
  • Providing creative solutions to problem-solving (being innovative).